The following brands represent products we use everyday at Loud and Clear.
They are brands we trust and recommend and with whom we have dealership arrangements.

Talk to us about your project and we will be happy to provide you with quotes and advice
on products from a range of suppliers to suit your budget.

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Mixing consoles for live sound
and installations.
High quality live audio mixing consoles.
High quality system processors – graphic
controllers, digital delays, active crossovers,
parametric equalisers, active DIs.
Drive racks, compressors, EQs and other
signal processors for live audio and the studio.
Delay and effects processing.
Digital signal processors.
High quality condensor microphone solutions.
Lavalier, headset and ear-set microphones.
High quality microphones and
wireless microphone systems.
A wide range of quality,
affordable microphone solutions.
Quality, affordable microphones, mixers
and wireless microphone systems.
A wide range of sweat-proof body microphones.
Made in Australia.
Robust and economic instrument microphones.
Cables, snakes, stage boxes, DIs,
distribution amps, splitters, stands,
booms, everything else…